Jenna Jameson Accused of Screwing Business Partner...Figuratively, This Time

If you can't trust a former porn star, who can you trust?

A former business partner of famed porn legend Jenna Jameson is claiming in Maricopa County Court that Jameson, and her ex-husband John Grdina, screwed him out of at least $125,000, Courthouse News reports.

James Grdina says he gave Jameson and John Grdina $250,000 in a failed attempt to buy Penthouse magazine back in 2003, and was only repaid $125,000 of his "partner contribution."

Grdina claims he was taxed more than $111,000 on the money that he never actually recieved.

Grdina says the money was expected to be paid back when Jameson and John Grdina sold "Club Jenna," her adult-entertainment company, to Playboy.

The couple also double-teamed Grdina out of his $275,000 investment in "Club Jenna," according to court documents.

If successful in court, Grdina could be looking at a nearly $400,000 moneyshot from porn's biggest star. 

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