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Jesse James, Husband of Sandra Bullock, Out of Arizona Sex Rehab

An Arizona rehab center has apparently cured another pseudo-celeb of his addiction to sex.

Jesse James, the bad-boy biker husband of Academy Award winning actress Sandra Bullock, was spotted outside of his California home -- sans-wedding ring -- after spending a few, short weeks at a rehab center in Tucson, where he was getting treated for "sex addiction."

TMZ snapped the shots. Check them out here.

In late March, James checked into the Sierra Tucson Rehabilitation Center after it was revealed that he had been having sex with Nazi-sympathizing tattoo artist Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, while Bullock was filming The Blind Side.

Arizona has become a hotbed for celebrities looking to use addiction as an excuse for cheating on their wives cure themselves of their debilitating addictions to sex.

Tiger Woods, David Duchovny, and Eric Benet, the former husband of Halle Berry, have all sought treatment at an Arizona facility after being caught cheating on their old ladies.

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