Joe Arpaio and His Flunky Andy Thomas Flayed Alive in Country Tune "Goodbye, Joe!"

Props to the spirit of country legend Hank Williams and YouTuber "politicatty." The latter has borrowed the tune from the former's Cajun-styled hit "Jambalaya" for an anti-Joe Arpaio ditty entitled, "Goodbye, Joe!" The lyrics are pretty amusing. Here's a sample:

Goodbye Joe. You gotta go. Take three guesses. 
Too much dough down the hole for your messes.
Where you go Andy sho better follow,
All your acts make your facts hard to swallow.

I can see KGB, me oh my oh
When I look in the eyes of Arpaio.
Take his badge. Take his gun. He's a zero.
Adios, there's the door, "hay te miro."

Don't know who politicatty is, but keep writing those song, amigo. We need all the anthems and parodies we can get in the ongoing fight against political repression here in Mari-Kafka County.

Add this one to the growing list of anti-Joe songs, such as the Haymarket Squares' punkgrass tune "Sheriff Joe," and the rap-attack by Tucson artist Outlaw Fleetwood in his Kid Rock-esque "Tent City." 

Too bad some of the lame radio stations in town won't get off their duffs and play these vocalizations. But then, who listens to the radio anymore? By not airing these songs, local stations are behind the curve, as usual. God bless the Internet, I reckon. 

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