Joe Arpaio: Craigslist Can Lead to Sex With Dogs

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office busted two guys -- one of whom was an elementary school music teacher -- last month who allegedly used Craigslist to try and have sex with a dog, and the sheriff seems to think it's becoming a trend -- despite it only happening once.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio earlier this week wrote a letter to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster alerting him of his office's findings and advising him to re-examine security policies on the website to make sure people don't use it to coordinate sex with animals -- again, despite it only happening one time that the sheriff knows about.

Obviously, he then issued a press release announcing he'd written a letter.

"I would hope that Mr. Buckmaster takes my advice seriously and looks into our concerns," Arpaio says in the release. "I think it is sad that people would utilize technology to take advantage of animals like this."

Per usual, Arpaio credits himself with helping make bestiality illegal in Arizona following the 2006 arrest of then-Deputy Mesa Fire Chief Leroy Johnson, who was caught having sex with a sheep in his neighbor's garage.

"You caught me ... I tried to fuck your sheep," Johnson reportedly told his neighbor when caught with his pant's down in the man's garage.

Johnson, however, didn't use technology to commit his acts of nastiness -- he just found a sheep that was DTF and went for it.

In other words, when it comes to inter-species relations, the problem isn't Craigslist, the problem is perverts.

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