Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio Hides as Randy Parraz and CBAers Pizza Party It Up

Randy Parraz and his merry band of activists from Citizens for a Better Arizona celebrated their success at Wednesday's Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meeting with a pizza party...at Sheriff Joe's place.

By Joe's place, I mean Arpaio's executive suite of offices on the 19th Floor of the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Phoenix. Parraz and about 15 CBAers never made it past the locked double doors into Arpaio's inner sanctum. But it wasn't for lack of trying. 

See, Parraz and his pals were following up on their Wednesday win at the BOS, where the supes denied accepting nearly $10,000 in donations to pay bills related to Arpaio's absurd "birther" probe

The money was meant to cover the cost of sending an MCSO deputy to Hawaii on an anti-Obama snipe hunt. But Parraz and his cohorts successfully argued that it was wrong to privatize the functions of the sheriff's office, and allow investigations to be subjected to the whims of private donors.

The board tied on the matter 2-2, effectively killing the proposal, for now. 

The goal of today's action was to deliver a mockup of a $10,000 check to Arpaio and ask him to investigate some things the taxpayers of this county want him to look into.

But neither Arpaio nor any of his flunkies were man (or woman) enough to come out and accept a petition being presented by CBA, much less the faux check.

The petition asked Joe to focus on three scandals: the Sheriff's Command Association shenanigans; former state Senate President Russell Pearce's hanky-panky with the Fiesta Bowl; and allegations of "criminal acts" committed by some MCSO staff.

Parraz and other members ended up sliding pages of the petition under the door, literally.

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