Joe Arpaio Targeted in Prank Involving Obama Kenyan Birth Video, Which He Never Even Saw

A hoax video of President Obama's birth in a Kenyan hospital, intended to make asses out of "birthers" like Sheriff Joe Arpaio once they bought into its legitimacy, failed miserably.

The New York Observer, um, exposed the video as fake -- a video we hadn't even heard of until they called B.S. on it -- but it was apparently made by some guy who has a penchant for pulling pranks on celebrities.

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Arpaio apparently wasn't fooled by this incredibly fake video of a woman birthing a baby that looks like it's a year or two away from growing a mustache, most likely because he didn't even see it.

His spokeswoman Lisa Allen tells New Times that not only did the Sheriff not see it, but he wasn't even aware that it existed.

Almost got 'em, boys.

The director of this video was a guy named Nimrod Kamer, who explained the intent of the video in an email to the Observer:

Tea-party and birther bloggers, as well as rightwing pundits, Fox News affiliates and people like Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Dr. Jerome Corsi [2], are convinced Obama was born in Kenya and desperately looking for proof, any visual clip to "end the discussion" once and for all.

If Obama was born in Kenya he cannot be president. They refuse to believe a birth certificate Obama provided in a 2011 white house press conference [3] is real. In Arizona they tried to put O off the ballot until they get further docs from Hawaii (real birth place).

So - we want to give them the evidence, and embarrass them later, right before the election, showing how they fell for it.

The video was apparently meant to look really goofy, in order to make the prank funnier if people actually bought into it, but according to Arpaio's office, he didn't even see it.

You can see the prank video below, and just look at the size of that friggin' baby.

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