Joe Arpaio's "Birther" Chief Mike Zullo Strikes Back at Orly Taitz, Says He Doesn't Want "Circus Show" Involved

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his "birther" chief Mike Zullo are balking at their chance to talk about their super official "investigation" of President Obama's birth certificate in court, and Zullo tells New Times why -- Orly Taitz.

Taitz told us yesterday that she's very upset with Arpaio and Zullo, since she's tried to subpoena the two to appear as witnesses in a case she filed in an Indiana state court, since she believes they're working toward a common goal here on the "birther" issue.

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Zullo says Taitz was one of the first people the Cold Case Posse contacted when Arpaio gave the go-ahead to start looking at Obama's birth certificate and other documents, and adds that it "wasn't a favorable contact."

"We don't want our information tainted by a circus show," Zullo says.

Taitz hasn't exactly been successful in her multiple court challenges to Obama's eligibility, and Zullo noted Taitz's propensity to make procedural errors in her cases.

Zullo says he and Arpaio "don't want the integrity of our investigation pulled through this," which sent the readings on our irony meter off the chart.

We assume Zullo doesn't read New Times often (ahem: Joe Arpaio's "Birther" Chief Gets Cops Called on Him During His Pursuit of 95-Year-Old Woman in a Nursing Home), or maybe he's just a nice guy who made the effort to ring us back and explain the squabble with Taitz, and the latest dealings on the "investigation." Or, he never really quit his job as a used-car salesman.

"Regardless of what 'Dr. Conspiracy' says, we know we've got something here," Zullo says, referencing the man who's been following/debunking "birther" theories for quite some time.

He gave us the pitch again -- "We really do have it," he says.

So, why not head to court with it? Zullo explained they aren't interested in court -- they want a congressional investigation. I also want access to Bill Gates' bank accounts, so that doesn't really count for an excuse.

It seems to be more about the inter-birther battle between team Taitz and team Corsi/Zullo/Arpaio, but we were more impressed that Zullo gave us the sales pitch.

On that note, Zullo left us with a challenge: if anyone can go to MCSO's Cold Case Posse headquarters and show everyone there that the birth certificate's completely legitimate, Zullo says he has "no problem" going on TV to declare the case closed.

If not, maybe he'll take some off the sticker price.

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