Joe Arpaio's Epic Comeback to Alleged Comedian George Lopez: "Go Back to School"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio had about an entire day to come up with a response to alleged comedian George Lopez calling him a "fat motherfucker" and "fucking puto."

And here's what Arpaio's "ghost tweeters" eventually delivered to the world.

"Go back to school. Learn to make intelligent commentary rather than dropping F bombs for a laugh."

No word on whether Lopez will need ice for that burn.

We were kind of expecting a response of "wetbacks," "Mexican bitches," or "stupid Mexicans," which the Justice Department alleges are common elements of MCSO lexicon.

Lopez had made the remarks during a special on HBO that premiered over the weekend, titled "It's Not Me: It's You."

"And while we're at it, Sheriff Joe in Arizona: fuck you, you fucking puto," Lopez said. "How about that? Fuck you. You fat mother fucker. Fuck you. I said I was going to talk some shit. Fuck you Sheriff Joe you fucking puto. Fuck you."

Arpaio also found a news camera (ABC 15), and said he was very upset about Lopez's usage of "the 'F' word."

He also wanted to schedule a publicity stunt/meeting with Lopez.

The Lopez video can be found below, for entertainment's sake:

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