Joe Arpaio's Jails: "What's Mom Worth?" Videos of Depositions and an Interview From This Week's Cover Story

The research for "What's Mom Worth" involved poring over depositions from jail guards, inmates, and a doctor. Below are videos of these depositions, as well as of segments of an interview with Deborah Braillard's daughter, Jennylee, used in this week's cover story.

Guard Sandra Garfias

talks about her interaction with Deborah Braillard in the days before her hospitalization and eventual death.

Todd Wilcox, a doctor who left County Health Services in protest of its poor treatment of inmates, discusses conditions in the jail and what might have been done to save Deborah Braillard's life.

Guard Stephanie Lieppert talks about what would be considered standard procedure for dealing with sick patients in the jails.

Inmate Tamela Harper helped take care of an ailing Deborah Braillard in her final days in the jail.

Inmate Brenda Tomanini discusses taking care of Deborah Braillard as her condition deteriorated.

Guard Lucy Akpan describes Deborah Braillard's state in her final days in jail.

Jennylee Braillard, Deborah's daughter, shares her thoughts on her mother and what Deborah's death means to her.

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