Joe Arpaio's Latest Illegal Immigrant Roundup Nets Seven Arrests; MCSO Going Gangbusters in West Phoenix Manana

If you're a criminal, illegal immigrant, or just don't want to get hassled by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's boys in beige, avoid West Phoenix tomorrow -- the MCSO's staging its latest "crime-suppression operation."

The MCSO isn't saying where it will focus its op, only noting that it will be in Phoenix and will be announced tomorrow.

However, a little birdie over at the MCSO provided a few details that might shed some light on the exact location of the sheriff's roundup: the command center will be at the MCSO's Training Center near the Durango Jail, just north of the 27th Avenue Landfill in west Phoenix. The operation is scheduled to kickoff at noon tomorrow.

The location of the command center suggests that the operation will focus on West Phoenix, which happens to have a large Hispanic population.

As for the sheriff's latest illegal-immigrant roundup -- as always, under the guise of an "employer-sanctions operation" -- Arpaio this afternoon raided a Mesa construction company in search of 15 workers he says are in the country illegally.

Of the 15 employees at C&M Homes that the MCSO identified as in the country illegally, seven were taken into custody. They were each booked on charges of identity theft.

The MCSO says it's continuing to search for the remaining eight suspects.

Per usual, no employers were arrested -- or sanctioned -- during today's "employer-sanctions operation," just employees.

If you ask the sheriff, today's roundup was just him doing his part to help fix the failing U.S. economy -- he claims the arrests "should help the local economy by opening up job opportunities for United States citizens."


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