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Joe Arpaio's Not the Only Arizona Cop Enforcing Immigration Law

This disturbing video comes to us from Pan Left Productions, and purports to show a woman being turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol after a traffic stop by the Tucson Police Department.

I've put in a call to the TPD, but have yet to receive a call back. On its face, the video shows that what happens in Maricopa County with Sheriff Joe Arpaio's anti-immigration sweeps is not confined to Maricopa County.

Also, it's worthy to note that SB 1070, which has been enjoined in part, is not needed by local gendarmes if they want to contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement or the Border Patrol concerning someone they've stopped.

Anyone's who's been south of Arizona's Gila River knows that Border Patrol is a constant presence there, like a national police force of sorts. These vans they ride around in, and which resemble something animal control might use, are a ubiquitous sight.

Once I receive more information from the TPD regarding this incident, I'll update the blog.

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