Joe Arpaio's Shame: KPHO Interviews Rape Victim Sabrina Morrison


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Where is the outrage, the disgust, the anger? What the hell is the matter with people in this county?

After watching the report above from KPHO Channel 5's investigative team of reporter Morgan Loew and producer Gilbert Zermeno, known to one and all as "Z," I'm so enraged that I could spit bile at the next airplane that passes overhead, and hit it.

Which is one of the highest compliments that I can pay another journalist. If you missed last night's newscast, Loew and Zermeno interviewed Sabrina Morrison, the brave woman who was raped by her uncle repeatedly, even impregnated by him, while Sheriff Joe Arpaio's agency dawdled.

All that was necessary was for the investigator assigned to the case to obtain a blood sample from Morrison's now-convicted uncle. But sheriff's office higher-ups ordered the detective to prioritize, for instance, a mortgage fraud case in Fountain Hills. You know, the burg where Joe dwells?

I discussed this colossal case of MCSO neglect in a recent blog item, where I published an internal MCSO memo from the detective in question.

Morrison's case has been written about quite a bit, mainly because her lawyer recently filed a $30 million notice of claim with Maricopa County.

And if anyone ever deserved every red cent of a multi-million dollar claim, it's Sabrina Morrison, who is physically and mentally handicapped.

At the time, Sabrina, then 13, courageously reported her uncle. But Arpaio's finest told her mother they could not corroborate her tale. So, as her mom tells Loew, she thought Sabrina was lying.

As a result, Sabrina was sexually assaulted repeatedly by her uncle.

Perhaps the best part of the segment is Loew repeatedly asking Arpaio why he will not release a long-overdue report on the more than 400 sex crimes botched by his office.

Of course, Arpaio refuses to answer.

Not that I had a lot of respect for this faux lawman to begin with, but to see Sabrina on TV next to her mom, and to contemplate what terror she must have endured because of the MCSO's grotesque incompetence, engenders physical repulsion.

I would not wipe my shoe clean on Arpaio's backside. This octogenarian idiot should resign in shame.

But he won't. Know why? Because this county is, I fear, full of morons ready to re-elect him to an unprecedented sixth term.

I wish I could say the residents of Sand Land get what they deserve.

But neither Sabrina, nor any of the 400-plus so violated deserved their horrific fates.

The current election is battle against ignorance, fear, corruption, and all of the sickness that Arpaio and his flunkies represent.

We must drive Joe from office. Otherwise, there will be more Sabrinas, more Marty Atencios, more Deborah Braillards.

This is not civilization. This is madness. And it must come to an end on November 6.

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