Jon Stewart Calls Arizona "The Meth Lab of Democracy" in Response to Trifecta of Wild West Legislation

Just in case you missed it -- which, if you own a TV, radio, computer, newspaper, telegraph machine, or have talked to another human being anywhere in North America in the past few days, you probably haven't -- the Arizona Legislature passed a series of controversial bills last week that seem to have the rest of the country talking about the Grand Canyon State like it's full of gun-toting, brown-bashing, birther lunatics.

The "birther bill," legislation that allows gun owners to carry a concealed weapons without a permit, and SB 1070 -- the controversial immigration bill signed by Governor Jan Brewer last week -- are the bills in question. And the combination of the three in the same week led Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, to call Arizona "the meth lab of democracy."

Stewart devoted more than eight minutes of last night's show to ripping on Arizona and featured clips of some of our favorite, hometown bigots defending the bills.

Check out the video after the jump -- unfortunately for Arizona, it really puts things into perspective...

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