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Ken Bennett Courts Ridicule with More Birther Nonsense

The fun begins around 6:55 in

What in tarnation is wrong with Ken Bennett? Before he drank the birther Kool-Aid, then publicly spat it up, Arizona's Secretary of State was regarded as a moderate Republican with a lick of common sense.

But a month after the flap over Bennett's asking the state of Hawaii to verify something it's verified umpteen times before (i.e., President Obama's birth certificate), then apologizing for embarrassment brought on the state of Arizona in the process, he's stuck the other wingtip in his gob. This time, copping to an altogether different birther-related conspiracy theory.

That is, that Obama supposedly "fibbed" that he was born in Kenya so he could get into college and/or advance his career. Seems Bennett conveyed this latest foray into tinfoil-hattery at a recent meeting of Legislative District 12 Republicans. 

A video of his remarks has been posted to YouTube. (Note: Onetime Sand Land scribe Nick Martin caught this one for TPMmuckraker.)

"Now, I know there's a lot of people that...are very skeptical as to whether the president was born in Hawaii," Bennett explained to the assembled. "Personally, I believe he was. I actually think he was fibbing about being born in Kenya when he was trying to get into college and doing things like writing a book and on and on and on.

"So if there was weird stuff going on, I actually think it was happening back in his college days. Because I think he has spent one and a-half or two million dollars through attorneys to have all of the college records and all of that stuff sealed. So if you're spending money to seal something, that's probably where the hanky-panky was going on."

Where does this latest bout of insanity come from? 

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