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Kumari Fulbright, "Beauty Queen" Made Famous by Heinous Mug Shot, is Heading to Prison

Kumari Fulbright, the former "beauty queen" and law student, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit kidnapping after the bizarre kidnapping and torture of her ex-boyfriend two years ago, was sentenced to two years in prison and six months probation by a Pima County Superior Court judge this morning.

The charges stem from a 2007 incident, where prosecutors say Fulbright and two other men held her ex-boyfriend hostage for about 10 hours, while robbing and torturing him.

According to prosecutors, Fulbright was angry about some jewelry she believed the ex-boyfriend stole from her to pay a drug debt, and in the course of torturing him, she stuck a butcher's knife in his ear and bit him several times.

Fulbright's case received a lot of media attention because, aside from being a promising law student charged with kidnapping, she looks like a Gremlin in her mug shot.

In November, Fulbright tried to have her trial venue moved because of the intense media coverage of the case, but her request was denied.

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