Kurt Warner Booted From Dancing With the Stars. Coincidentally, the Arizona Cardinals Need a Quarterback

The charade that was former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner's appearance on Dancing With the Stars has come to an end. And rather than joining the likes of the other has-beens who didn't make the DWS cut -- including Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and David Hasselhoff -- we will be the first to plead with Warner to come back to the desert and end the quarterback debacle that is plaguing his old team.

Warner got the boot from the show last night after an impressive ride that brought him one round away from the show's semi-finals. It was not to be, though, and the only contestant who scored lower than Warner in last night's performance was Bristol Palin, which can't do much to help his pride.

Check out his performance after the jump.

For a lot of Cardinals fans, watching their former gridiron hero do the Cha-Cha in the same competition as Palin, "The Hoff," and "The Situation" is a kick in the balls. Especially considering what's been going on with his former team.

Since Warner's retirement earlier this year, Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt has been playing a game of musical quarterbacks. And, as we've pointed out in the past, he loses nearly every time the music stops.

As has been well-documented by New Times and others, Warner's replacements at the QB spot have been -- to put it politely -- worthless.

Derek Anderson's overthrown his way to a 54.1 passer rating on the season, with 98 of 181 passes completed and seven interceptions, while undrafted rookie Max Hall's completed 38 of 75 passes with five interceptions for a measly QB rating of 41.

Clearly, the Cards need some help.

We know you said you were done with football but please, Kurt, we beg you -- just one more season. The Cards still have a good shot at the playoffs and we promise we won't make any Brett Favre/ retirement comparisons -- we just want ya back.

Contact Warner here if you, too, think it's time for him to put an end to the nonsense that's been going on in Glendale. 

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