Kyrsten Sinema Called Winner in CD-9, Defeating Vernon Parker

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema will be headed to Congress, according to the Associated Press.

The vote count is the same as when we checked with the Maricopa County Recorder's office earlier this morning -- Sinema's up nearly 5,800 votes -- but that appears to be a solid-enough lead.

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Sinema's lead over Parker grew by about 2,000 votes over the weekend, and there are thousands of ballots remaining to be counted.

There were 140,000 early ballots and 122,000 provisional ballots still waiting to be processed and tabulated as of yesterday, and according to our assumptions, about 47,500 of those remaining votes might be from CD-9 voters.

If that's the case, then Parker would need to score about 53 percent of the remaining votes, while Sinema lands 41, and third-party candidates pick up the scraps for Parker to have a shot. That's not a very likely scenario.

If the call for Sinema remains true, then it would come down to the race between Democratic Congressman Ron Barber and Republican challenger Martha McSally in Tucson's CD-2 to see if Arizona sends more Republicans or Democrats to Washington as Representatives.

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