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Kyrsten Sinema's Hilary Rosen Moment, and Her Persistent Verbal Flubbery

Sinema's statement on Iran starts 2:48 in, her comments on health care at around 6:03

The flap over center-left talking head Hilary Rosen and her perceived insult of Mitt Romney's wife Ann offers a perfect example of how mere verbal flubs can offer ammunition to right-wingers in the highly-charged partisan discourse of an election year.

Rosen is a very capable partisan warrior, and the reason I call what she said about wealthy homemaker Ann Romney a "perceived" insult is that I don't think she intended her statement to be taken as it has been by so many.

Instead, her critique was aimed more at multi-millionaire Mitt Romney's disconnect with the common man. Problem is, Rosen said it in a way that seemed to disparage the contributions of stay-at-home moms, stating, infamously, that, Romney's wife, "has actually never worked a day in her life." 

Read in context, I know exactly what Rosen was trying to say. After all, how many women can afford to stay home with their children?

Most moms can't, even if they want to. That's not to slight those moms who can, it's just economic reality.

But it was the way Rosen made her point that now has every Democrat from the White House on down apologizing. And that's where I come to former state Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a contender for the Democratic nod in Arizona's newly minted Ninth Congressional District.

Some observers give Sinema a better than fair chance of taking the nomination in the three-person primary, state Senate Minority Leader David Schapira and ex-Democratic Party Chair Andrei Cherny being the other two runners.

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