Legal Immigrant or Just Plain Legal?

We were driving back from Cochise County yesterday afternoon when a funky old Nissan lumbered past and pulled back in front of us.


Someone had scribbled in large white letters on the trunk, "HONK AT ME. I'M LEGAL!"

What the heck, we thought, flashing on the infamous Senate Bill 1070 and its demogogic author Russell Pearce (old guy pandering in the photo), and obliged with a toot (not that kind of toot!)

Solidarity, baby!

The other car slowed a little... so we moved into the speed lane and drove aside it for a few seconds.

It was then that we saw some more writing, this scribbled on the driver's side.

"I'M 18 YEARS OLD TODAY!" it read. "LEGAL!"


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Paul Rubin
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