Liberty League International in Scottsdale is a Pyramid Scheme, Lawsuit Alleges

Three years after getting busted by the state for making false claims, Scottsdale-based Liberty League International is being sued in federal court over claims that the company is running a pyramid scheme.

The class-action suit, first reported by courthousenews.com, accuses Liberty League, at 14300 North Northsight Boulevard, Suite 210, in Scottsdale, of conning $5 million out of its "members."

The company promised members big returns for some kind of business plan. In reality, the suits says, Liberty League fleeced its flock -- members were required to either pay thousands of dollars for ridiculous "conferences" or find other suckers to attend the paid events.

Federal court records reviewed by New Times show that for the biggest conference, which cost more than $12,000, members were flown to Greece, Australia and other locations to learn "advanced business principles" and how to amass wealth. Customers were "tutored" to lie about their own success with the program when selling it to others.

One look at Liberty League International's ultra-slick Web site should have given potential customers their first clue something was wrong. It's all style and no substance.

"Liberty League is you," gushes Brent Payne (above), one of the company's two founders, in the site's cheesy intro.

Attorney General Terry Goddard

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