Light Rail Ninja Goes by the Name "Kairo"

The man who broke up a fight on the Metro Light Rail using a samurai sword a few weeks ago goes by the name "Kairo."

It's not his real name -- at least, not the name that government entities would refer to him by -- but he is a 26-year-old Phoenix resident.

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"Despite all comments I've received from people out here I do still carry My Katana Inoau-rei," Kairo writes on his Facebook page.

Neither Kairo nor someone claiming to be his brother responded to social-media messages.

However, the person claiming to be his brother did upload videos of Kairo on YouTube -- whose real name is apparently Kenneth -- including the one below, of Kairo going to pick out a new sword:

All the videos uploaded by the person claiming to be Kairo's brother can be found here.

Based on the last names of his family members, and a matching date of birth, it appears that Kairo's name is Kenneth Jacintho. If that's him, an assault charge against him from Phoenix police was dropped in late 2010, although two people took out orders of protection against him earlier that year.

A dating profile set up by Kairo kind of, sort of, explains the naming issue:

Despite all comments I've received from people out here I do still carry My Katana Inoau-rei. I was raised into it by my Master Hiko and I adopted him as my Father figure since he practically raised 14 years of my life anyway and named me Kairo so I took up his last name Seijuro for honorific reasons...that and it suites my character better..Sorry most people ask.

Phoenix police are investigating the incident that involved Kairo pulling out the sword on the light rail, although Phoenix police Sergeant Steve Martos told New Times, "It appears the individual with the sword helped to stop the fight."

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