Local Psychic Offers Proof Heaven is Real -- for $179

Local psychic Susanne Wilson sent out a press release this morning blasting Stephen Hawking for saying heaven isn't real.


"Psychic abilities prove the existence of the afterlife," the press release declares, "refuting" Hawkings' claim.

Anyone can be a psychic with a little help from their friends, she says. To prove her point, she plans on hosting a "Psychic Strength Building Seminar" in Scottsdale this summer, open to the paying public. The training costs $179 for admission, with a $27 discount for those who purchase a ticket before the end of March.


The seminar is scheduled for August 20, from 9:30a.m.-4 p.m. at the Boulders Resort.

Wilson's role in life, according to her website, is to "transmit proof that souls live forever." Her training will help people develop "their intuitive abilities."

On her Facebook page, she says her job is "about giving you peace through proof that our souls live forever." She says she is certified in "Psychic Development, "Past Life Regression," and is also a "Specialist of Wine."

In the real world, she has a Master of Public Administration from Notre Dame de Namur University, a San Francisco school.

Considering the weekend Rapture-that-wasn't, this isn't exactly the best timing for kook science, but best of luck to her and anyone desperate enough to pursue her services.

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Gregory Pratt
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