Man Caught on Video Urinating in Mail Slot of Scottsdale Shop

Scottsdale police want your help to identify a man who urinated on mail through the door of a downtown Scottsdale shop.

This bulked-up gym rat forgot the one rule of embarrassing, unlawful behavior: Don't get caught on video.

While walking past a row of shops on North Craftsman Court with his unleashed mutt just after midnight on June 3, the unidentified man decided to pee through the mail slot of the Atelier furniture store. (This happens about 40 seconds into the video below, so feel free to fast-forward.) The video was submitted first to the Scottsdale City Council, then posted by Scottsdale resident John Washington on his Facebook site, where we saw it.

The dirty act appears impulsive, but it's unclear whether he might have planned it beforehand. Once he notices the mail on the floor, a second later his hands are reaching to undo the front of his pants. He carefully steps right up and does his business through the slot in the glass door.

"The urine soiled a rug and the delivered mail," says Sergeant Ben Hoster, Scottsdale police spokesman.

If you can identify the man, Hoster asks that you call police at (480) 312-5000.

The dog briefly wags its tail and looks through the door as the man soaks the mail, seemingly wishing to join in on the fun.

Police describe the man as six-foot, 200 pounds, no visible tattoos, wearing a tank top, turquoise shorts and white slip-on loafers. (The latter with spots of yellow?)

A spokesman with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service tells New Times the act doesn't sound like felony destruction of mail, and he wasn't sure if it would be investigated by the postal service.

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