Marijuana and Watermelons Redux: 9,500 Pounds of Weed Found Hidden in Watermelon Truck Near Nogales

One of the most popular Valley Fever posts over the last couple of years was about a New Jersey man nabbed by Department of Public Safety officers while moving about 500 pounds of weed in his truck. Busting someone for moving large amounts of ganja isn't too strange in this part of the world, but the weed was hidden in a load of watermelons.

Check it out here.

Now we hear from the U.S. Border Patrol that another truck driver was nabbed with 9,500 pounds of pot marijuana hidden among a load of watermelons.

Border agents at the Mariposa port of entry say they stopped the unnamed, 40-year-old Mexican man driving a big-rig full of watermelons on Tuesday night.

The truck was stopped for an agriculture inspection, but drug drug-sniffing dogs indicated to officers that the driver was hauling more than just melons.

After inspecting the truck thoroughly, border agents discovered the 9,500 pounds of weed.

The agents confiscated the stash, which probably has someone pretty pissed off -- authorities listed the street value of all that chronic at about $21 million.

After the bust, the driver of the truck was turned over to ICE agents.

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