MCSO Deputy Deb Moyer, Known for Reality TV "A** Beatings," Arrested for Domestic Violence

We're thrilled sad to report that Deb Moyer, a Maricopa County sheriff's deputy who starred (abused power) in the TLC network reality TV show Police Women of Maricopa County is in some trouble.


Moyer was arrested over the weekend in connection with a domestic-violence incident with her husband

Peoria police were called to an apartment complex near 83rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road after a resident called to report hearing a loud argument in another apartment.

Police arrived and found Moyer's husband with a scratch on his head and torso. The injuries, police say, were caused by Moyer.

Sounds a little lighter than the "ass-beatings" Moyer and her gal pals bragged about dishing out to "criminals" during her reality TV days.

She and her partners in crime prevention were rude, disrespectful, and flat-out abusive to the vast majority of the people they arrested -- many of whom were pinched for very minor crimes. In many cases, the women created dangerous situations that didn't need to occur -- and it was all for the cameras.

For example, Moyer got into a high-speed pursuit of a guy wanted for a speeding ticket and not paying a $1,200 fine.

The guy speeds back to his house, where Moyer and several other officers -- one with a machine gun -- bash in the door, throw out a pregnant woman, and drag him naked out of the shower, where he was trying to hide.

Not before he was Tasered, of course.

After zapping the suspect twice, the officers take the man to jail wearing nothing but a towel.

"I just got done wrestling a naked guy trying to put cuffs on him," Moyer says after the bust. "Who does that in their job?"

Click here for dozens more examples of the (ahem) fine police work done by Moyer and the rest of Sheriff' Joe's angels.

Moyer now faces a misdemeanor domestic-violence charge.
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