Meghan McCain Calls (Faux) Joe Arpaio a "Twitter Creep" Just Like Karl Rove (w/Update)

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UPDATE: Sadly, Meghan McCain's "Twitter creep" isn't the real Slim Shady (read, "McCoy.") Rather, it's the faux Joe Arpaio that New Times has blogged about in the past. Score one for faux Joe. After painstakingly going through Meghan McCain's Twitter correspondence, I found only one comment from "Joe Arpaio," and it turned out to be Joe's satirical Twitter-doppelganger. Sorry to get everyone all excited. I should have scrolled through MM's Tweets after reading her blog online in The Daily Beast. Didn't know what I was missing. All this talk about her tattoo, Rock of Love, Fall Out Boy, etc. is way-painful to read. One more reference to her weight issues, and I'll be crying blood like the Bond villain Le Chiffre in Casino Royale.

Republican it-girl Meghan McCain, daughter of John and Cindy McCain and blogger for the Web site The Daily Beast thinks Sheriff Joe's a real creep. "Twitter creep," that is.

See, the fiesty, 24-year-old moderate Republican, who champions gay rights and is unafraid to take on female conservanuts such as Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter, has a Twitter account. And her blog today is about people following her on Twitter who creep her out. These include pudgy right-wing political guru Karl Rove, as well as Maricopa County's sadistic, septuagenarian sheriff. (Well, his Twitter double, anyway. See above.)

"The Twitter creeps gets stranger," writes McCain, after outing Rove's icky ways. "My local Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (who, as the author of America's Toughest Sheriff, is notorious in his own right) recently sent me a Tweet about an answer I gave a fellow Twitter follower. He tried to tell me to go easy on them. It's really scary when the guy who houses his inmates in tents in the summer and whose most visible public-relations success involves pink underwear, boxers, and handcuffs tells you to tone it down. The sheriff also inexplicably Tweeted me to say my mother owes him $10. Say what?"

One might regard Arpaio's obsession with Meghan McCain to be a tad unseemly. But in reality, Arpaio's interest in Meghan's Twitterings likely has more to do with the fact that; (see Update above) Arpaio's the sworn enemy's of Meghan's pa Sen. John McCain. See, back in 2004, the Senator, fed up with Arpaio's lunacy and grandstanding, endorsed Joe's rival in the 2004 state GOP primary for sheriff, then Republican Dan Saban.

Arpaio has since dissed McCain in many ways: endorsing Mitt Romney over McCain in the 2008 Republican Presidential primary; using McCain's blurb for Joe's 1996 book Sheriff Joe Arpaio: America's Toughest Sheriff on Joe's 2008 tome Joe's Law; and skipping today's hearing on border violence by the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, on which McCain sits.

So you could think of Joe's Tweets to Meghan as a subtle message to the dad, that even at this late date in their feud, Joe's got an eye on his daughter. Now that's really creepy.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.