Meghan McCain Strips Down for Skin Cancer. Bow-Chica-Bow-Wow

Meghan McCain, the well-endowed, outspoken daughter of Senator John McCain, dropped her top for a new PSA regarding an issue that hits close to home for the 26-year-old Daily Beast columnist: skin cancer.

McCain joins several pseudo-celebs in the ad, including singer Brandy, former "Boy Meets World" actress Danielle Fishel, and singer/actress Tatyana Ali in a campaign to remind people to wear sunscreen.

McCain's old man knows the importance of lotioning up before taking on the sun. His captors at a Vietnamese prison -- where he spent more than five years during the Vietnam War -- however, didn't pay much mind to the sun's harmful rays, which might have something to do with the melanoma the senator continues to battle.

McCain teased the ad in a "tweet" earlier this year, writing, "Well, I've never been half naked on the roof of a building in front of a group of strangers b4, give it up to the girls who took it all off."

See the ad below -- she doesn't show much, but we'll take it.

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