Michael Hall's Back in Arizona, After Allegedly Killing Ex-Girlfriend in Front of a Child, Then Heading for Vegas Strip

After allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend to death in Avondale -- in front of their 4-year-old daughter -- Michael Hall decided to skip town, in favor of Las Vegas.

Not some residential suburb of Las Vegas, and not some crime-riddled corridor of the city -- Hall was popped last month by Las Vegas Metro PD outside the Luxor hotel, right on the Las Vegas Strip.

Hall was extradited from Las Vegas back to Phoenix last night, on charges including first-degree murder, for the November 19 shooting death of his ex-girlfriend -- 28-year-old Donella Clauschee.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Hall shot Clauschee at her home, apparently as she was about to leave -- Hall and Clauschee's 4-year-old daughter was strapped into a car seat in Clauschee's car. Court documents state that the little girl witnessed the shooting.

The fatal gunshot from the .38-caliber revolver was in the back of Clauschee's head, and four other shots landed in her back and right shoulder.

Hall apparently went straight to Vegas after this, and was arrested after parking his car in a parking lot at the Luxor, while he was on his way in.

It appears Hall did have a room there, as court documents note that the .38-caliber handgun was found in the hotel room, and both live and spent ammunition was found in the room, and in his car.

Hall faces five felony charges, including first-degree murder.

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Matthew Hendley
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