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More Anderson's lameness, apparently...And a message from panic! promoters re: their Radiohead release party.

The panic! release party? It won't be at Anderson's...

Here's a message from the folks at panic!, which apparently had a pending club date at the now defunct Anderson's Fifth Estate. The mass e-mail pretty much speaks for itself, especially since Tom Anderson is not returning calls. Well, at least not my calls, ever since the recent announcement that his club had switched names and orientations...

A few weeks back, we notified you of the big panic! Radiohead release party scheduled to take place at Anderson's 5th Estate on Friday, January 11. At the time, we had no idea that Anderson's 5th Estate was going to close and subsequently reopen as Forbidden. Nor did Tom Anderson give us a courtesy of a phone call at anytime to advise of the club closing/reopening, despite having an agreement with us that we would receive a minimum 30 day advance notice, if he ever decided to discontinue panic! We found out about the closing thru a 3rd party and called Tom, we finally spoke with his wife, Roberta, who advised the Anderson's sold the club to new owners who were taking it in a different direction. We didn't find out about the reopening until the press called us. While we know how difficult it is to keep a club running in this town and realize the Anderson's need to make the changes that they feel are necessary to keep their club afloat, we just thought that after 8 years, we would at least get the courtesy of a phone call from Mr. Anderson and maybe a "thank you" for the thousands of dollars we made him over the years, but no such luck! On the other hand, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity Tom gave us to start panic!, which ran at Anderson's as a weekly from March 2000 -March 2004 and as a monthly from July 2004 - December 2007. In addition to panic!, we also promoted several concerts at Anderson's over the years. We wish Tom all the best in his new endeavor and hope it is successful and fills a needed void in the community.

Anyway, on to bigger and better things....we knew a lot of people were excited about our big Radiohead release party, so we wanted to make sure it happened, so we joined forces with An Elegant Chaos, a new britpop/indie night at Tempe's hottest new lounge, The Haunted Castle. Luckily a new dance night, "An Elegant Chaos", decided to allow us to do a panic! farewell. panic!'s dj Manchester is the force behind this special night and he will be spinning his own unique blend of britpop, indie and new wave for your dancing pleasure. We will have copies of Radiohead's new cd, In Rainbows, to give away! We will also have tickets to give away to upcoming concerts by The Bravery, Rogue Wave and the hot triple bill of The Editors, Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV.

Again, An Elegant Chaos isn't my night, after January 12, I am taking a break from promoting dance nights for a while, maybe for good, depending on how the scene looks in a few months or so. Thanks again to everyone in local press for all of the wonderful support they have given us over the past 8 years we have been doing panic! We have had a blast!

Robden Brethauer, promoter of panic! since March 2000 480-861-4220

"AN ELEGANT CHAOS" - Debut Dance Night with DJ Manchester (from PANIC!) at The Haunted Castle - spinning Britpop, Indie, & New Wave

Saturday January, 12 2008 21 and over $5.00 cover 9:00PM - 2:00AM drink specials and kitchen available until 10:00PM

$2.00 vodka drinks all night $2.00 draft beers all night $2.00 shot @ 11:00PM (TBA)

The Haunted Castle 6463 S. Rural Rd. Tempe, AZ 85283

SE corner of Rural & Guadalupe behind Circle K

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