Muhammad Ali Maize Maze

By Jonathan McNamara

It's amazing what people will do with vegetables these days.

For the past five years, Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek has been cutting mazes through corn fields in the likenesses of celebrities including Larry King, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno. Whose face would be temporarily etched into the living fields of Schnepf Farms this year was the question hanging on the lips of a crowd of press and on-lookers waiting in a small clearing for the approaching helicopter to land.

Emerging from underneath the slowing blades of the landed bird was none other than Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali in maze form.

“Muhammad Ali is a perfect designee, partly because he loves visiting the farm for peach and apricot season but also who better to carve into a 10-acre field after the Olympics than a former Olympian and world Champion,” said Mark Schnepf.

Ali and his wife Lonnie, who are Scottsdale residents, shook hands and posed for photos during which the champ received a call from Larry King.

"All the great things that Muhammad Ali has attained in his life, the world championships, being one of the best known people in the world, a fighter who has gone beyond his sport to attain immortality - all those things, nothing will top his face in a corn field at Schnepf Farms," King said.


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Jonathan McNamara