Music Video Pokes Sheriff Joe

By Niki D’Andrea

Sheriff Joe Arpaio may not have much of a sense of humor (witness his gauche “They call it the U.K.K.K.” joke at the beginning of the video below), but somebody has managed to turn his nastiness into a little song-and-dance number.

The video was posted on YouTube two days ago by an anonymous source who wishes to be identified only as “arpaiomustgo.” In the clip, images of Arpaio wagging foam fingers, being a media whore, and riding a geriatric scooter flash across the screen while a song called “Joe Must Go!” plays. The song sounds like an old ‘60s folk ditty, and takes aim at Arpaio’s age, nepotism, and whack-job policies (including housing inmates in desert tents and his questionable immigration sweeps).

We particularly like the parting image, which shows old Joe’s head being inflated like a balloon and then flatulently blowing away as all the hot air is let out:

Hopefully, the message behind the video won’t be lost on voters this November, when Arpaio is seeking re-election as Maricopa County sheriff. His opponent is former Buckeye Police Chief Dan Saban. Today (Monday, October 6) is the last day to register to vote in Arizona. If you’re not registered yet, click this link to register before 5 p.m. MST.

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