Obama Birth Certificate "Report" Released by Joe Arpaio is Actually Eight Months Old

We actually looked at the report given out today during Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's announcement that he believes President Obama's birth certificate is a forgery, and there is a grand total of zero new information in it.

In fact, the report prepared by Mara Zebest -- who was at the press conference today -- is a rewritten version of a report she released in June.

All the "evidence" provided in the report today, including the "bitmapped text," "chromatic aberration," "layers," "clipping mask path," "white halo," -- literally every single thing in this report -- is eight months old.

It's easy to find, too, since conspiracy-theory king Jerome Corsi (also in attendance today) pimped out her report on his World Nut Net Daily website.

Now, the only two pieces of new "evidence" Arpaio announced today were a suspicious stamp on Obama's Selective Service Card, and the fact that the Cold Case Posse couldn't find the records they wanted.

Here's the original report:

Most of the points in the report have already been used by others and unsurprisingly debunked, but one guy actually debunked her entire report point-for-point, which you can find below.

The Cold Case Posse really spent six months on this?

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