Owner of Valley Business Publicly Slammed

Last month, we reported on Valley business, a company that's been  successful at renting out homes for sporting events in various cities to visiting sports fans. The company was founded in Phoenix in 2008, and quickly branched out nationally. Now, it's getting even more attention -- but not the good kind.

Justin Mountford, who co-owns with Keith Johnson, also owns (at the time this blog was published, that Web site was inactive). The Better Business Bureau gives a grade of "C" and hasn't reported any complaints, but the BBB gave Mountford's other business a  grade of "F" and reports 15 complaints filed against the company since August, 2008.

The most common complaint, at least in the media, has been denial of refunds to homeowners who listed properties with that didn't rent. One Florida customer who listed his home for rent, Kevin Swain, claims his $1,200 deposit was supposed to be refundable, and the company refused to return it.

He ultimately had to threaten to inform other homeowners who listed their houses about his troubles for to return his refundable deposit.

News outlets such as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which initially reported on the success of, are now spreading the word about the company's link to, a detail that co-owner Keith Johnson failed to mention (along with the fact that he co-owns the company with Justin Mountford) to both the Post-Dispatch and to New Times

On its Web site, the Phoenix-area Better Business Bureau warns consumers who may be interested in renting their properties for sporting events to check out the company that wants to list their home at, refuse to pay upfront fees for listings via wire services, and consider the risks of renting to strangers.

 "Consumers looking to rent their homes must consider if the potential income from renting their home is really worth it. You may have strangers in your house drinking, smoking, and using your personal space [with your] having little control of what goes on," said BBB President Matthew Fehling.

Nobody at could be reached for comment. 

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