Pastor Tased at Checkpoint for 20 Seconds, Says Wife; Typical Taser Burst is Five Seconds

A Valley pastor who was left bloody after an encounter with authorities at an Interstate 8 Border Patrol checkpoint suffered through 20 seconds of tasering, the man's wife says.

Zsuzsanna Anderson tells Valley Fever the couple recently received the Taser report from the state Department of Public Safety and intends to post it on their blog site.

Tasers are designed to give a five-second burst of electricity after the initial shot. Pulling the trigger again gives another five-second burst.

Anderson says the report shows her husband was shocked with two five-second bursts in a row, and a third one was interrupted after three seconds. In other words, while most suspects being tased receive just five seconds of juice, Steven Anderson took 13. Then, after the brief interruption, the report shows the pastor received another seven seconds of shocking, she says.

DPS still hasn't said much about this incident. If Anderson is reading the report right, DPS will have to explain how -- or if -- Anderson's actions required the extra jolts.

Steven Anderson has a telephonic pre-trial hearing scheduled for Thursday, his wife says.

She says the couple is still waiting for authorities to return their two camcorders.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.