Phoenix DUI Suspect Makes it Easy for Cops -- By Driving Straight into Police Headquarters

Photo by Matthew Hendley

​In a DUI even Governor Jan Brewer probably couldn't get away with, police say an allegedly drunk 56-year-old man crashed his truck straight into Phoenix police headquarters early Thursday.

Phoenix police Sergeant Tommy Thompson tells New Times the man was driving his 2003 half-ton Chevrolet truck on 7th Avenue about 4 a.m. when he hopped the curb, ran into a pole, broke a waterline, hit a block wall, and landed straight into a fence on the west side of Phoenix police headquarters.

Apparently not realizing he just crashed into a place with a building full of cops, his attempt to run away from the scene ended almost before it started.

"He may not have run far enough to qualify for a hit-and-run," Thompson says.

It wasn't yet clear whether the man -- whose name was not yet released -- would be charged with DUI, but Thompson says officers on the scene noticed a few signs of alcohol impairment.

The man also sustained minor injuries as the truck rolled over in the process of running into just about everything possible between the street and the Police Department, although no one else was injured.

In addition to the "quite a bit of damage" done to the fence and block wall, Thompson says the police department was without water for several hours as a result of the broken waterline.

The man was taken into custody and processed for DUI.

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Matthew Hendley
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