Phoenix Suns Hiring New Gorilla Mascot, College Degree Preferred

The Phoenix Suns are hiring a new gorilla mascot, a job that has more required skills and duties than you could possibly imagine.

Not only does the team prefer that you have a college degree to dress up in a gorilla suit and drunk basketballs, the job actually has a longer list of requirements than jobs with the word "executive" in the title.

Here's the list of qualifications for being the gorilla mascot:

• College degree preferred or equivalent experience
• 2 years of mascot experience required, either collegiate or professional
• Gymnastics, dance, and acro-dunk experience strongly recommended
• Stunt skills and/or training a plus
• Availability and willingness to work extended hours, including nights and weekends and be on-call as necessary
• Extreme athletic fitness level required
• Must be able to withstand and perform within extreme heat conditions, restrictive outfits, and impaired vision
• Ability to perform on feet in mentioned conditions for at least three hours at a time
• Must be able to run up and down stairs several times within a game
• Ability to lift heavy objects (50+ lbs.) multiple times suggested
• Ability to excite, motivate, and entertain a crowd; great sense of humor a must
• Ability to relate and respond to various personalities and actions
• Must possess extraordinary level of creativity, energy, and spontaneity
• Proficient in Microsoft Office, Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other related computer skills required
• Ability to meet tight deadlines and work well under pressure
• Strong organizational skills, time management skills and attention to detail required
• Ability to work independently without supervision, be self-directed and demonstrate initiative
• Ability to take direction without follow up
• Strong teamwork and team synergy skills required
• Excellent ability to establish rapport with others and ability to build strong interpersonal relationships
• Exhibit good judgment and decision-making skills

Aside from doing the gorilla stuff, the gorilla also has to run a website, go to workshops and conventions, and do a bunch of other things. It is a full-time, salaried position.

You also might have to get punched in the face, which happened to a gorilla earlier this year at Tempe Marketplace -- although it was later clarified that it wasn't the gorilla.

The job posting can be found here. If anyone lands an interview, feel free to let us know how that goes.

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Matthew Hendley
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