Photo Enforcement: Don't Pay for "How-To-Beat-It" Info That's Already Available for Free

One last word on photo enforcement this morning (unless it isn't):

A reader recently sent us a few pages of info obtained from a Phoenix company called "City Photo Radar Information LLC," which explains how to avoid the process servers who are sometimes dispatched when motorists blow off speed camera tickets. The information is good, but our kind reader informed us these paltry, photocopied few pages cost a whopping $58.

Other companies, like Angel Enterprises, have raked in a few bucks on over-priced products like this. They get the names of people cited for photo enforcement violations and cast a net of mailers, hoping to land some suckers.

You can get better information from New Times about photo enforcement, and it's free:


Arizona Photo Enforcement Ticket: How to Beat It and Keep Your Conscience Clear


How to Beat It Mailbag


Scottsdale Using "Alternate Service" More Frequently


When Process Servers Lie







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