That deer is a Pinal County man's pet.
That deer is a Pinal County man's pet.
Pinal County Sheriff's Office

Pinal County Man Cited for Keeping Deer as Pet

We can understand the benefit of having most pets. Dogs make you feel like a rock star every time you walk in the door, fish are fun to look at, and cats...well, people seem to like 'em.

What we can't figure out, however, is why a Pinal County man would keep a non-indigenous deer as a pet at his San Tan Valley home.

Yesterday, the Pinal County Sheriff's Office received a call saying there was a "moose or deer" running in the road near Skyline Ranch Elementary School.

Officers blocked roads so the deer wouldn't get hit by cars before it made its way its way into the desert.

The Fallows deer -- as the one parading its way around the elementary school turned out to be -- is not indigenous to Arizona. It's native to Europe but has recently found its way to parts of the United States. The nearest habitat for a Fallows is Texas.

How one ended up someone's pet in Pinal County is still a mystery.

The Sheriff's Office says the deer belongs to a man living in the area. The Arizona Game and Fish Department plans to issue him a citation.

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