Pinal County S.O. Press Conference at 5 P.M. Best Guess: Deputy Louie Puroll To Be "Cleared" Yet Again

Just got word that the Pinal County Sheriff's Office will be holding a press conference at 5 p.m. down in Florence.


The subject:

Testing by the Arizona Department of Public Safety of a bloody T-shirt worn by Deputy Louie Puroll when he was shot, allegedly by dope smugglers, in the desert near Interstate 8 last April 30.


Little or no gunshot residue will have been found by the state crime lab on the shirt.

To Sheriff Paul Babeu and his minions, that can mean only one thing--that Deputy Puroll has been telling the truth.






Here's our extended take of a few weeks ago, and another (the latter printed in our paper just hours ago) that suggest something quite different--that the totality of the evidence strongly suggests that the deputy's account is unbelievable.

We'll be heading down there now, and hope to be able to ask Deputy Puroll a few questions

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