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Pissed Off Arizona Democrats? It's About Damn Time...

The thing that's annoyed me most post-November 4 is the way state Dems seem to be shrugging and taking their losses locally on the chin. Rather than being infuriated that the state Democratic Party effed up, Dems seemingly have been resigned to getting cornholed royally by Republicans, as if that's the Dems' unalterable destiny here in Sand Land.

I mowed some of this lawn in my November 11 Bird column, where I pointed out that AZ Democratic Party Chairman Don Bivens, Executive Director Maria Weeg, and other Donkey Kongs loyal to Arizona's spineless chief executive, Gov. Janet Napolitano, have crowed about how all the money they'd raised, and all the new voters they'd registered were going to win them the state House, maybe even the state Senate. Instead, Republicans consolidated their hold on the Legislature. And with Nappy likely to join Obama's cabinet soon, the Republicans will have the Governorship as well in the form of Jan Brewer, who as Arizona's Secretary of State is the next in line to assume Nappy's mantle.

Sure, Dems scored some seats on the Corporation Commission, and took retiring scumbag Congressman Rick Renzi's seat in CD1, but otherwise, state Dems pulled a massive boner. Especially here in Maricopa County, where Republican Sith Lords, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas reign over us all in Stygian darkness.

So I was heartened a little to see the comments to a post by Ted Prezelski over at his Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion blog, where he mentions that he scored some video of Weeg and Bivens speaking at a recent state Democratic Party meeting in Tucson, and that he would soon be putting it up on his YouTube channel Tedski.

"I rode back from the meeting with a friend," says Prezelski in the brief post. "His comment to me about Bivens and Weeg's remarks: `Why weren't they angrier?'"

Probably because they were trying to cover their asses, from what I heard of their speeches from others. As I didn't make it down to Tucson for the powwow, I'll be looking forward to Prezelski posting the video, and promise to link to it here. Prezelski does have some footage up on his YouTube site of other speakers, including state Rep. Steve Farley, policy leader of the House Democratic caucus, telling the assembled just how bad things will be for the Dems in the coming year.

"The hard right's in charge, folks," Farley informs listeners, then goes on to explain how there will no longer be any higher education committee in either of the state houses, and that there will be no transportation committee in the state Senate. Senate President Bob Burns has also appointed himself Rules Chair, thereby making his authority in the Senate absolute. Oh, and there's not really even a K-12 education committee in the Senate, just some committee focused on school choice.

The initial comments to Prezelski's post are from party apologists, but almost all the rest are from some pissed off donkeys. Like the one from "Captain Obvious" who's scathing in his appraisal of Democratic leadership:

"They weren't angry because they SCREWED UP! Don, Maria, Noah and Mallory committed an act of royal hubris. They failed to play defense. Any group that spends approximately $100,000 a piece on ridiculous long shots like Phil Hettmansperger and Andrea Dalessandro while sending a pittance, if anything at all, and losing seats in LD 10, 23 and 24 deserve to loose their job! Off with their heads."

Then there's "Vote Democratic," who asks, "Will anyone hold the incumbent leadership accountable for their deafness to reason? The principal party leaders? The State Committee? Anyone?"

T. Stephen Cody faults, "Poor management. Failure to even return phone calls from local party leaders. Result: Assinine messaging that HURT candidates."
And so it goes. I hope the anger continues, right up till the Dems' January meeting, where the state party will be electing its officers. 'Cause if the Dems continue to reward failure, it's failure they will continue to get.

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