Police Women of Maricopa County Set to Premier on TLC on February 25

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office's latest stab at reality TV is set to premier on February 25, says the show's network, TLC.

Police Women of Maricopa County is the followup to TLC's first chick-cop reality show, Police Women of Broward County.

The show follows four MCSO lady-cops as they peruse the county and "kick some ass."

It's not just a few babe-cops being all bad-ass, of course, it's a reality show, and as one of the women points out in the show's trailer, "We get our nails done, put on makeup, do our hair, and still kick some ass." Check out the trailer here.

The soon-to-be celebrity members of Sheriff Arpaio's goon squad include Detective Deborah Moyer -- the wily 19-year veteran who is "never one to back away from a challenge," Deputy Kelly Bocardo, described as a feisty, tough, "no-nonsense Latino," who loves "hunting down criminals" as much as she loves her 2-year-old daughter; Deputy Lindsey Smith, who loves her two boys but won't hesitate "from chasing illegal immigrants in the desert;" and the "organized and even-keeled Deputy Amie Duong.

We shot the Sheriff's Office an e-mail to see it the MCSO was coughin' up any county loot to produce the show -- as was suspected because of the MCSO's first failed reality show, Smile You're Under Arrest. It hasn't gotten back to us yet, and we aren't holding our breath.

In our previous post about the show, readers shared some of their interactions with the ladies and the camera crews. Here is what one reader, William Robles, had to say:

This dam crew was and still is in guadalupe terrorizeing our community one of the stops they made last month, mcso pulled over a truck i happend to be in when the sheriff came to us, who was the lady who is going to be on TLC  told my friend that he is getting 3 tickets 1. for child restrants 2. children in back of truck no restrants 3. insurence exper.
when was done talking to him and my other friends in the front seat, she then asked me to give her my ID as i was recording her as the TLC recording me, I told her I know my con. Rights and it says I dont have to give my ID But by law I have to give you My info. she then got upset with me and said (I'm not here to talk about the con. rights) she then walked away and started to check my friends info in her car. The Cam. from TLC was all over me as I was doing the same to them. as we got ready to leave I yelled out to TLC and said you are not welcome in Guadalupe Quit helping the sheriffs terrorizeing our community and our families. so I am sure you will see that on tv. I dont care and I do stand up for everyone's rights so be it.

Click here to see other accounts of the Police Women of Maricopa County and let us know if you or someone you know has run into the babe-cops and the TLC cameras.

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