Bryan Masche and his litter of children.
Bryan Masche and his litter of children.

Raising Sextuplets Dad Arrested in Camp Verde for Screaming at His Family

The star of a family reality show on the We Network -- sponsored by SC Johnson "A family company" -- was arrested earlier this month for screaming at his family so irately that a family member had to call the cops.

We have a feeling we won't be seeing that segment on the show.

Bryan Masche, the 32-year-old father of six featured on the show Raising Sextuplets, was arrested on September 11, in Camp Verde.

Masche, his wife, and their six kids currently live in Florida but were in Camp Verde visiting family when Masche apparently went off the deep end.

Masche, using profanities, started screaming at one of his relatives until another relative called the cops. It's been confirmed that the person Masche was screaming at was a woman, but her identity is unknown at this writing.

The kids were not at the house during Masche's outburst.

Cops responded to the call, but Masche didn't go quietly.

Masche wouldn't comply with the officers requests, which led to more charges.

Masche's been charged with resisting arrest. disorderly conduct, and threatening domestic violence. He was released from the Yavapai County Detention Center on $3,500 bond.

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