Republican Candidate for Congress Claims He's "Honored" to Have Fulton Brock's Endorsement

Martin Sepulveda -- one of seven Republican candidates running to represent Arizona's Ninth Congressional District -- claims he's "honored" to have the endorsement of ​Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock.

Brock's probably best known for his supporting role in his family's sex scandal, which included his now-estranged wife, Susan Brock, repeatedly sexually abusing a teenage boy starting when he was 14.

And, of course, the county supervisor's adult daughter, Rachel Brock, sexually abused the same kiddo.

Susan Brock's in the slammer for 13 years.

Rachel Brock earned a decade of probation.

Fulton Brock -- who tried to score favors for his wife using his position as county supervisor -- supports Martin Sepulveda for Congress.

Supervisor Brock was never charged with any crimes for attempting to cover up the relationship wife and daughter had relationships with a teenage boy, but he does think Sepulveda's a "job creator."

"There is no one better to serve the people of Congressional District 9 than Martin Sepulveda," Brock comes out of the woodwork to say. "I fully support his campaign for Congress and encourage the voters of CD9 to join me."

Sepulveda returned the kiss, saying Brock has been "an integral part in transforming Maricopa County government."

"I am honored to have the support of such a dedicated and hard-working public servant," he says.

Brock announced in January that he won't seek reelection for his county supervisor seat, with the explanation of "spending more time with my children as we put our lives back together."

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