Rocky Marquez Still on the Run, Three Months After Conning MCSO and Walking Out of Jail

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Three months ago, Rocky Marquez strolled out of the Lower Buckeye Jail -- which was not supposed to happen.

He never made the effort to go back to jail (who would?), and there's now a $1,000 reward if you'd like to inform the authorities of his location.

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Brandon Jones told New Times in May that investigators believed Marquez somehow convinced another inmate to switch identities with him, as this inmate already had his bond posted and was all set to walk out the door himself -- legally.

Marquez switched ID wristbands with the other inmate, and while the wristbands have pictures, Jones said the mugshots are pretty small and the guys look similar.

Marquez must have given the other inmate's date of birth and other random personal information to the officer at the exit door to convince him that he was the other guy, Jones said.

He'd been in the jail since September 2010 while he worked his way through the court process, as he faced charges of perjury, forgery, witness tampering, DUI, misconduct involving weapons, and leaving the scene of an accident.

If he ever finds him self back in jail, Marquez will have to deal with an escape charge, too.

In case you forget what Marquez looks like, you'll be able to find his face on a few billboards in the Phoenix area.

If you know where Marquez is, and you could use $1,000, Silent Witness would like you to phone them up at 480-WITNESS.

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