Russell Pearce at RockinRRanch and Lester Pearce Insults All of Maricopa County

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Lo and behold, the brothers Pearce, Sheriff Joe Arpaio (maybe) and a passel of their fellow wingnuts will be watching primary election returns on Tuesday at some place in Mesa called RockinRRanch, which features "gunfights and gold panning, western shops, and hot dutch oven biscuits," plus, "a spectacular western stage show featuring the world famous `ROCKIN R WRANGLERS.'"

Wacky. No offense meant to the RRR, which I'm sure is a grand place full of good old fashioned cowboy fun, but with both Pearces, lickspittle Legislators such as state Representative Eddie "Fathead" Farnsworth and state Senator Andy "I won the lottery!" Biggs present, plus ol' Joe on hand, and with all of them chowin' down on chuckwagon fare, one is reminded of that classic comedy bit from Mel Brooks'Blazing Saddles: the campfire scene.

As a bonus to this post, I include the front and back of a mailer from Lester, who is running for Maricopa County supervisor from District 2. You'll note the irony of a former Justice of the Peace currently under investigation for ethics violations while on the bench, who is looking to convince voters that he's planning to "clean up the county."

This bizarre, insulting piece of Pearce propaganda mentions a host of things that are supposedly indicative of county corruption. Thing is, they are nearly all a result of a guy who's endorsing Lester; i.e., Sheriff Joe.

"County Supervisor Arrested"? That would be outgoing District 2 Supervisor Don Stapley, arrested on trumped up charges by Joe's beige-shirts back in 2009 as part of Arpaio's war on his political enemies. All of those charges were thrown out, BTW. And Lester is arguing that Stapley was at fault? That's what I'd call some really effed-up revisionist history.

"Lawsuits Against County Supervisors": I reckon this refers to disbarred, disgraced ex-Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas' bogus RICO suit against many of Arpaio and Thomas' opponents and critics, including the supervisors. That RICO suit was such a joke that Thomas and Arpaio ultimately withdrew it. And it became one of the reasons Thomas was disbarred.

"County Supervisor Files Suit Against Own County" and "County Supervisors Approve $1 Million Award to Fellow Supervisor": Supervisors Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox both brought lawsuits against the county because Arpaio and Thomas attempted to railroad them on ginned up criminal charges. Wilcox settled. You can bet the Triple-R ranch that the Pearces, who have spent their entire lives neck deep in the public trough, would do likewise, and then some, if the same were done to them.

On the mailer's other side, Lester practically lets fly a loogie right into the collective face of the voters by featuring a pic of Joe along with his endorsement and the headline, "Lawsuits and Mismanagement Are Costing the County Taxpayers Millions."

You mean, like the $100 million in voter-protected funds that Arpaio swiped and used for his own pet projects, while more than 400 sex crimes cases -- some involving children -- were put on the back burner and botched by the MCSO?

Thankfully, all indicators point to Republican supervisor candidate Steve Chucri mopping the floor with Lester's unwholesome mug this Tuesday. Count yourselves lucky for that. Can you imagine if this wannabe Arpaio puppet made it onto the Board of Supervisors? That's far too much power to place in Lester's itchy paws.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.