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Russell Pearce Claims David Schweikert's Endorsement, Schweikert Spokesman Denies Claim

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I know recalled, disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce is a liar, but if all is as it seems, this situation is a new low, even for Pearce.

Late this afternoon, I posted a blog about a fundraiser that ex-Justice of the Peace Lester Pearce and his brother Russell have scheduled for this Friday at Cave Creek's Buffalo Chip Saloon.

Listed as one of the "Special Guests" attending is none other than Republican Arizona Congressman David Schweikert, who is currently campaigning to receive his party's nomination in the Sixth Congressional District.

I found this odd, as I knew Schweikert had endorsed GOPer Steve Chucri for Maricopa County Supervisor in District 2. Lester Pearce is running against Chucri in the Republican primary for supervisor, you see.

When I called Schweikert spokesman Chris Baker, he denied that Schweikert would be going, and said the congressman had not endorsed either Pearce brother and had not given permission for his name to be used on the fundraiser's flier, posted by Lester on his Facebook page.

"We thought it was strange," Baker said of the Buffalo Chip notice. "We have no idea why they did that."

He also stated that, "Schweikert has not endorsed Russell Pearce nor has he been asked by Pearce for an endorsement."

And yet, in a June 2 post to Pearce's Facebook page, Pearce proudly touts Schweikert's nod.

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