Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce Is Denied Jan Brewer's Endorsement, But Uses Her Name and Pic Anyway

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There's one thing about recalled, disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce that must tick off his fellow tuskers big-time: His penchant for claiming an endorsement, even if he hasn't actually gotten it, yet.

It's a weird habit Pearce has, as was demonstrated in a recent incident involving Congressman David Schweikert, where Pearce claimed his endorsement, when he hadn't bothered to ask Schweikert for it.

Pearce and his slithery aide-de-camp Constantin Querard quickly remedied this situation when I helped it blow up in their faces by asking the congressman for his nod on bended knee. Schweikert took pity on the Mesa muttonhead, and granted Pearce's request.

What about Governor Jan Brewer, who last year was Pearce's political ally (at least on paper), and endorsed Pearce in his disastrous recall election, where newcomer Jerry Lewis walloped the King Kong of East Valley politics by a staggering 12 points?

According to the Arizona Capitol Times' Jeremy Duda, Brewer is not in the giving vein this election cycle, at least not when it comes to Russ, the one-time "de facto governor."

Asked if she would endorse Pearce this year in the Legislative District 25 primary for state Senate, Brewer sniffed, "I'm not inclined to."

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