Russell Pearce Scores David Schweikert's Endorsement, at Long Last

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Disgraced, recalled and increasingly desperate ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce owes me, big time.

Sure, I've exposed him on innumerable occasions as an unrepentant bigot and a corrupt, bald-faced liar. Still, I inadvertently did him a solid the other day, when I revealed that he was falsely claiming to have the endorsement of his fellow Republican, Congressman David Schweikert.

On Monday, Schweikert's campaign spokesman Chris Baker informed me that Schweikert had not endorsed Pearce for state Senate in Legislative District 25, and that Pearce had not bothered to ask for the endorsement.

Nevertheless, Pearce had a statement on his Facebook page dated June 2, announcing Schweikert's endorsement.

Similarly, Pearce's ethically-challenged brother Lester, who is running for Maricopa County Supervisor, used Schweikert's photo without permission on a flier for a fundraiser for both Pearces this Friday at the Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek.

This, despite the fact that Schweikert had long ago endorsed Lester Pearce's primary opponent in Supervisor District 2, Steve Chucri.

Lester has since altered his original flier, removing Schweikert as one of the event's "special guests," and leaving Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Both the original flier and the old one are still up in his FB "wall photos."

Russell Pearce, though, wanted that Schweikert endorsement. He's not used to asking for anything. After all, he's a Pearce. But he was forced to ask Schweikert for his official backing, which the congressman generously granted.

In a post to his Facebook page this morning, Pearce wrote the following:

"Well friends, I was pleased to be endorsed yet again by my good friend Congressman David Schweikert. The media continues to try to make stories where they don't exist, but we spoke yesterday and again today and he and Joyce remain solidly behind me. He even sent me a quote to silence any doubters. `Russell Pearce's leadership on conservative issues makes him a good choice in the Republican Primary.' - Congressman David Schweikert. I think we can be pretty sure that the media won't report the truth about his endorsement, so let's just keep spreading the word ourselves. Keep up the great work everyone!"

So what about Baker's statement denying the endorsement? When I phoned Baker, he explained that the Pearce camp asked for the endorsement yesterday, and received it today.

"Up until today, they did not have [Schweikert's] endorsement," Baker related of the Pearce campaign.

Given Pearce's track record with the truth, and given the fact that the June 2, announcement by Pearce did not feature a quote from Schweikert, Baker's statement is quite credible.

So when Pearce says he's "pleased to be endorsed yet again," that's total bull. But now, he can honestly boast Schweikert's endorsement. Whereas before today, Pearce had to play Pinocchio, a recurring role for him.

I also asked Baker if Schweikert had changed his mind about rubbing shoulders with the Pearce boys at the Buffalo Chip Saloon, deciding to attend after all.

"Absolutely not," he replied.

Hey, Russ, I'm good, but even I can't perform miracles.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.