Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce Scores David Schweikert's Endorsement, at Long Last

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Disgraced, recalled and increasingly desperate ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce owes me, big time.

Sure, I've exposed him on innumerable occasions as an unrepentant bigot and a corrupt, bald-faced liar. Still, I inadvertently did him a solid the other day, when I revealed that he was falsely claiming to have the endorsement of his fellow Republican, Congressman David Schweikert.

On Monday, Schweikert's campaign spokesman Chris Baker informed me that Schweikert had not endorsed Pearce for state Senate in Legislative District 25, and that Pearce had not bothered to ask for the endorsement.

Nevertheless, Pearce had a statement on his Facebook page dated June 2, announcing Schweikert's endorsement.

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