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Russell Pearce Scores GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey's Endorsement for First Vice Chair

Unless you frequent right wing blogs such as Sonoran Alliance or SeeingRedAZ, you may have missed the tidbit that disgraced ex-state Senator Russell Pearce has won the endorsement of Arizona GOP Chair Tom Morrissey for the unpaid position Pearce is seeking: First Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party.

Morrissey's endorsement was never in doubt. He's a stalwart Pearce backer, and spoke at a meagerly-attended rally on Pearce's behalf in Mesa during last year's recall election. 

Pearce is running against incumbent Diane Ortiz-Parsons, who, to judge by her website, is as conservative as Pearce. She also apparently has a good reputation, and is respected for the job she's done. 

But the consensus seems to be that, being that she's a Latina and that the biggest bigot in the state wants her job, she will be crushed when the vote goes down at this Saturday's state GOP meeting.

Lovely message some Arizona tuskers are sending, eh? If you're brown, we don't want you around, unless your name happens to be Olivia Cortes.

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