Russell Pearce Scores Wife LuAnne's Endorsement

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See also: Russell Pearce Can't Shake His Ties to Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready See also: Russell Pearce's "Friends of Russell," and Brent Ellsworth's Vivisection of RP See also: Did state Representative Russell Pearce ever beat his wife LuAnne? See also: Anger in need of management: Russell Pearce's "violent temper" flared with his first wife, too See also: Russell Pearce's Son Joshua Pearce: The Mesa Police Report How bad has it gotten for poor ol' Russell Pearce, neo-Nazi hugger, and recalled, disgraced former state Senate President?

So bad that he's touting the endorsement of his wife LuAnne in campaign mailers.

One side of the pictured mailer features a note, "From the desk of LuAnne Pearce," next to the image of a smiling, genial Pearce feeding a bambino.

LuAnne praises her hubby as "a kind and wonderful man," who's an all around swell "husband, father, and grandfather."

She's proud of his record of public service, though why anyone would be is a mystery. LuAnne claims we need more nativist hatemongers like Pearce in office, and she urges the reader to "re-elect this good and decent man."

Okay, I added the nativist hatemonger part, but then, I doubt LuAnne wrote this ditty. Smells more like a Constantin Querard production to me. And that "LuAnne" signature is just a font, of course.

It certainly doesn't resemble the signature from her I've seen, the one on her divorce paperwork, dated 1980.

LuAnne's petition for the dissolution of marriage states that the Pearce union is "irretrievably broken," and that Pearce has not been the spouse this new flier says he is.

"Further, the husband, RUSSELL KEITH PEARCE, is possessed of a violent temper," it says, "and has from time to time hit and shoved the wife, the last time being on February 3rd [1980], when he grabbed the wife by the throat and threw her down."

The document is signed by LuAnne and notarized.

In 2008, when I wrote about the legal filing, I spoke with LuAnne and she denied that her husband had ever hit or shoved her, though she did admit that they were going to get divorced at one time. She claimed the document was inaccurate.

LuAnne and Russell are still married. So I reckon that says something.

Then there was the incident involving Karen Pearce, Russell's first wife.

Also in 2008, I wrote about a Mesa Police Department report from 1974, which described how Russell burst through the door of his estranged wife's apartment, tearing a chain lock from the door in the process.

In the report, Pearce accused Karen of "having an affair with and furnishing beer to" a 16 year-old, an accusation Karen denied. The report paints the picture of a jealous husband, trying "to catch Karen with someone."

People change, though in public Pearce always seems motivated by an inner rage. He's an angry, pugnacious, pit bull of a man. His rhetoric and his temper speak for themselves.

As for the kind of father he's been, well, at least two of his sons have had problems with the law, Joshua Pearce, his youngest, most of all.

Two others, Sean and Colten, are the law, the former serving as an MCSO deputy and the latter as a Gilbert cop, last I heard.

Finally, there's Pearce's surrogate son, neo-Nazi baby-killing freak J.T. Ready. My column this week is about Ready, Pearce and a lawsuit wherein the ghost of Ready has made an appearance.

I've reproduced the reverse of this same flier, which I mention in the column as well.

It's way too late for this 11th hour image makeover to help Pearce. He's no friend to the children of this state, having slashed Arizona's education budget by mega-millions. And he's an outright enemy of U.S. citizen children born to undocumented parents, referred to as "anchor babies" by bigots.

Basically, Pearce is not a nice man. Not now, not in the recent past, maybe not ever.

There may be some good in him. But I've yet to be privy to it.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.